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Build on Purpose

Everyone leaves something behind.

Your legacy will be etched in the minds of the people you love.

How will your family remember you? Your vision, your values, and your purpose

10 Tips for building a strong family
Strong Family Building Blueprint

The Ultimate Blueprint

“Through [skillful and godly] wisdom a house [a life, a home, a family] is built, And by understanding it is established [on a sound and good foundation]”


3 Reasons to Hire Family Wealth Builder

Strategic Design

Family Wealth Builder starts with a customized Blueprint that includes a thorough Gap Analysis for your family and business. Our recommendations include the best strategies for income, gift, and estate tax savings and wealth building.

Strategic Design by Family Wealth Builder in Houston

Advisor Coordination

Because there’s a big difference between a “good plan” and a well-coordinated plan, our approach at Family Wealth Builder includes the coordination of your Financial Advisory team. We start with a fiduciary fee review which often creates sufficient savings to pay for the cost our services.

Financial Advisor Coordination by Family Wealth Builder in Houston

Get Things Done

The primary reason to consider hiring Family Wealth Builder to manage your family’s wealth is our ability to Get Things Done. Its a simple promise and a promise that we take serious because our work is your legacy.

Get Things Done with Family Wealth Builder in Houston

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A Personal Message From Jim Munchbach, CEO

Wealth Advisor Jim Munchbach Houston

The basic idea of a financial plan means something different to everyone. My idea of a financial plan for any individual, family, or business, starts with a conversation about purpose. Your vision, values, and purpose are the foundation of the planning process at Family Wealth Builder.

Strategic design is a critical part of the financial planning process because the best and only way to insure that your family or business doesn’t have gaps in your plan is to start with a Blueprint. I love helping people see the big picture because when understand how all the pieces fit together, you’ll gain more clarity, confidence, control, and contentment.

Making financial decisions in the context of the “big picture” simply produces better results. When you gain more clarity and confidence, you’ll also gain more contentment in your financial life. Creating a well thought out design for managing your wealth strategies is the first important reason to consider hiring Family Wealth Builder.


Look, your family attorney isn’t talking to your CPA. Your CPA isn’t talking to your insurance guy. Your insurance guy isn’t talking to anybody on your advisory team, and your investment guy is talking to himself!

Is 2018 the time to get a second opinion?

When you’re ready, I’d love to meet you for  a cup of coffee or a quick phone call to tell you more about our family wealth management services.

Give me a call anytime at 832-201-1700. When its time to Build on Purpose, we’re ready to help.

Its Your Legacy | Build On Purpose

Our Mission: To help families and business owners manage the risk and opportunity of everyday life, recover from the unexpected, and realize their highest purpose.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best strategies for building wealth, managing wealth, and transfer of wealth. We do this by designing and implementing a Blueprint that is based on your unique vision, values, and purpose.

Our Team is driven to deliver clear, concise, fiduciary advice that enhances the quality of life for our clients. Our unique approach to purpose-centered financial planning and investment management leads to actionable solutions that produce superior results.

We offer personal counsel on each client’s wealth management issues. Our purpose is to provide clients and their families with more clarity, confidence, control, and contentment. We clearly communicate and educate along the way because making significant and tangible progress toward every client’s financial goals requires clear purpose and teamwork.

We are Advocates for our clients and their families. We strive to organize, coordinate, and simplify your financial life in a way that maximizes the family’s enjoyment of your wealth now and in generations to come.

We are Not Wall Street

In our search for family wealth management services, we discovered a wide range of sales professionals offering an even wider range of products and services designed to add to the company’s bottom line.

At Family Wealth Builder we’ve set out to challenge the status quo on Wall Street. Our mission is to offer our clients more value and a better experience. We’re confident in our approach. Our Family Wealth Builder Blueprint can help any individual, family, or business owner build a lasting legacy.

You can work with us in the way that suits you best, either pairing our services with your own team of Financial Advisors, or choose from our roster of specialists for a  comprehensive, integrated wealth management experience for your family or business.

Family Wealth Builder will help you customize the best approach for your financial situation.

No matter what your needs are, you’ll have access to a Certified Financial Planner™ professional who can help you customize, and execute your family wealth blueprint.