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Wealth Advisor Houston
Wealth Advisor Wanted

Wealth Advisor Apprentice

  • Want to be a part of a successful Wealth Management Team?
  • Want to learn how to run your own business?
  • Want more independence and a better income?
  • Want to learn how to deliver the best client experience from the best of the best?

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Customer Service Assistant

Customer Service Representative

First impressions are very important in this job. From the moment you begin to communicate with a client or prospective client, you’re creating an impression for Family Wealth Builder. If you have these five customer service skills, we would love to meet you:

— Ability to quickly establish rapport with clients,

— Problem solving skills,

— Good listening skills,

— Excellent communication skills

— Strong Teamwork and relationship management skills

If you have these five customer service skills and you’re ready to build a career in wealth management, please Submit Your Resume now.

Client Contact Specialist

Client Contact Specialist

  • Client Contact Specialists at Family Wealth Builder will handle approximately a hundred calls and/or emails per day for the purpose of setting appointments with our Wealth Management Team.Client Contact Specialists are responsible for updating the client’s CRM records and documenting next steps in the planning process.Appointments. Appointments. Appointments.

    — for an in-house demonstration,

    — over the phone consultation,

    — private meeting at the client or prospective client’s home or office,

    — Screen Share appointments are the most common

    As a Client Contact Specialist, you’ll need to quickly determine: — Which level of services are appropriate for prospective clients, — The primary areas of interest and need, — Their ability to contract or “make the appointment”,

    Client Contact Specialists will need to master several communication tools effective and efficient CRM (Client Relationship Management), including:

    — DayLite CRM

    — Outlook, Gmail, Mac, or iOS Email

    — Online Appointment Setting Calendar

    If you’re a goal-driven individual and if you always aim to reach your goals on a daily basis, this may be the right position for you — please submit your resume today!