Live Workshops for Building Wealth

Wealth Building Workshop Houston

Retirement Investing

  • 10 Investment Ideas to build wealth
  • Setting The Foundation for Family Wealth
  • Best Practices for Building Your Retirement Paycheck
  • 7 Tips to Make Your Money Count in 2018

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Financial Advisor Coordination

Family Legacy Planning

  • Family Communication Skills and Family Meetings
  • 3 Keys for Success in Multigenerational Wealth Management
  • 4 ways to improve family governance
  • Preparing the next-generation for leadership succession through mentoring
  • The Ultimate Blueprint for building  your family legacy action plan
  • 5 ways to Pay It Forward

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Financial Advisor Coordination by Family Wealth Builder in Houston

Business Succession Strategies

  • Unlocking Value
  1. Business Valuation
  2. the process of selling a company
  3. tax and estate planning considerations
  4. and wealth management strategies
  • Checklist for pre-succession planning
  • 6 Steps for assuring contingency succession
  • And much, much more…

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Family Wealth Builder Career

Purpose-Centered Selling

  • For Financial Advisors and Certified Financial Planner™ professionals
  • The Ultimate Blueprint for Building Wealth
  • Allied for Success – steps for building a strategic alliance in your community

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Customized Workshops
-- For Families
-- For Business Owners

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